Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision (What we want to be)

Rhoose Community Library will be a safe and attractive place, offering an essential and sustainable ‘community hub’; where Rhoose and neighbouring communities residents of all ages can read, learn, improve skills and socialise.

Mission (Why we exist)

  • To provide​ a self-sustaining volunteer led community facility for the benefit of people living or working in Rhoose and the surrounding area.
  • To enhance​ the quality of life for the community by providing a Public Lending Library and facilities for education and leisure time for people irrespective of age, infirmity, disablement or economic circumstances.

Objectives (What we are trying to achieve)

  • Run an efficient library service​ meeting the needs of people in Rhoose and neighbouring communities.
  • Expand​ beyond the traditional library model to provide more of a community hub, helping to enhance quality of life by providing easy access to lifelong learning opportunities and a focal point for the community.
  • Increase use ​of the library building- attracting more users and increasing frequency of visits.
  • Generate income​ through fundraising and grant applications to ensure core costs can be covered, services maintained and expanded.

A list of RCL Policies can be found here