Trustee Meeting Minutes

Below are the last available ‘minutes’ of Trustee Meetings

Notes of the Trustees meeting held on 5th Sept 2018

Attending – JJ, + unknown
Apologies – unknown


  • Concern was expressed that we do not have a permanent Secretary and the lack of minutes for the past two meetings is not acceptable.  I did ask on Facebook for expressions of interest but the only response was from someone in Llantwit.
  • Grants submitted for solar panels have been so far unsuccessful but we continue to explore other funding.  
  • It was agreed that Sheila will be another signatory for cheques and the forms were completed at the meeting.  
  • It was noted that Sully Library have a large sign advertising new volunteers welcome, opening times, availability to hire etc.  It was considered that a large sign could be either attached to our front or the sub station railing.  Ideas for its design will be welcome and please feel free to contact me.
  • The defibrillator is on order and our insurance policy has been amended to include cover.  The cost was very reasonable being just £22.00 a year.  The person who is paying for the defibrillator has also offered to pay the extra insurance cost.
  • Ian Robinson has expressed interest in being a Trustee and I will be arranging a meeting with him and Trustees soon to discuss further.
  • We had a grant from Big Lottery (for the printer) and they have announced an opportunity to bid for £50,000 by making a video highlighting the benefits of the grant received and what would be done with £50,000.  Anyone interested in helping with ideas and expertise please contact me.

    Jeffrey James